LifePlay Wiki

Game controls for LifePlay can be modified to the player's preference by editing {GameFolder}\LifePlay\Config\DefaultInput.ini

List of keyboard shortcuts

The following default controls for LifePlay are:

Control Function
Left mouse click
  • Select most things, interact with buttons
  • Open action menu when clicked on a building
  • Open sex action menu when clicked during sex
  • Move camera to player's position when clicked on portrait
  • Proceed with current scene
Right mouse click
  • Close any menu currently opened
  • Open favorite menu when clicked on portrait
Middle mouse scroll
  • Zoom in and out the camera in map view
  • Zoom in and out the camera in sex scene
Move mouse while holding middle mouse button or Ctrl
  • Rotate camera both during map view and during sex
Move mouse back and forth (or in circle) while holding right mouse button or Alt
  • Manually control sex movement speed
  • Pause / Resume game in map view
  • Proceed in current scene (Note: Enter also does this)
  • Change sex position in a sex scene
  • Swap roles in sex scene
Page Up / Page Down
  • Adjust penis rotation
Num + or Num 6 / Num * or Num 4
  • Speed up or slow down game in map view
  • Speed up or slow down sex movement speed
Ctrl + T
  • Open stat menu
Ctrl + E
  • Open character generation menu
Ctrl + M
  • Open mod manager
Ctrl + C
  • Open city menu
  • Open contact menu
  • Open inventory menu
Esc / Home
  • Open main menu
Ctrl + F
  • Toggle search bar (same effect as clicking on the magnifying glass)
  • Open a input textbox that allows you to enter the ID of a scene to force-test it without meeting all the conditions