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Getting Started

Lifeplay content is both moddable ('modification') and modular ('module'): even the 'official' content is really 'just a mod'.

A mod consists of a folder that goes into the LifePlay/Content/Modules folder.

.lpdmod file structure =

At the very least it should contain an .lpmod file, which contains its basic meta-information:

  • MODULE_UNIQUEID: vin_NTR  // unique ID for the mod, must match the mod folder's name under Content\Modules
  • MODULE_NAME: Official Netorare Module
  • MODULE_AUTHOR: Vinfamy
  • MODULE_DESCRIPTION: Netorare, cuckoldry, being cheated on - aka the most divisive fetish on the internet
  • MODULE_REQUIREMENTS: vin_VanillaRealistic  // The UniqueID of mods that are needed in order for this one to work. If your mod refers to or makes use of stats, actions, scenes, etc. from another mod, you will need to fill this in.

Structure of a mod content

The most easily moddable content consists of:

  • Scenes, which are in .lpscene files. These are the virtual-novel type story situations that potentially lead to sex. See Docs/Modding/FullGuides/Writing_Scenes.txt
  • Actions, which are in .lpaction files. These are the activities you can choose when you click on a building. See Docs/Modding/FullGuides/Creating_Actions.txt
  • Descriptions, which are in .lpdesc files. These are the narrations that appear in the top right corner during a sex scene. See Docs/Modding/FullGuides/Writing_Sex_Text.txt
  • DirtyTalks, which are in .lptalk files. These are dialogue lines floating near characters during sex scenes. See Docs/Modding/FullGuides/Writing_Sex_Text.txt
  • Stats, which are in .lpstat files. They contain stats that the player and/or NPCs have, and are consulted in other file types. See Docs/Modding/ShortGuides/explanation.lpstat
  • Characters, which are in .lpcharacter files. They are generated in-game when characters are created, and you can also export them when in the character creation menu. They can contain a variety of information. When placed inside a mod folder, they can be used as character presets by the player and by Scene scripts that generate or modify characters. See Docs/Modding/FullGuides/Creating_Presets.txt


It is highly recommended to write and edit such files in a text editor that is good for coding and scripting. Avoid word processors such as Microsoft Word like the plague. These docs contain a syntax highlighter for Notepad++, so unless you prefer Atom or something, you should probably use NP++. It is free to download and use.

How you organize these files inside your own mod is really up to you. The vin_Base module's way of organizing them in folders by file type is a pretty good standard to follow, though.

If two mods contain the exact same file in the same place, the one lowest in the load order wins. You can manage the load order in-game with the mod manager (ctrl-M).